Hi! I’m Lauren, and I’m an on set tailor and sustainable stylist who started asking too many questions. Like, “Who needs 11 colorways of metallic flannel shirts?” and “Why do new jeans smell like chlorine and poo when I steam them?”

(The answers: the cast of a musical about lumberjacks, and finishing chemicals.)

Once I started learning more about the terrible working conditions and wastefulness of conventional garment production, I decided to do something. I started to offer styling services with sustainable garments.

I also posted a couple of thrifted outfits to Instagram, and that quickly turned into its own thing! I’ve begun offering personal styling in response to demand.

The best part is that I’ve met so many people working to make change - whether they are designing a line made from recycled cotton, or just trying to make smart decisions with their wardrobes.

I’m here because fashion is my first language. I express myself through what I wear, and it’s how I help brands and individuals express themselves.

Join me! Our future is bright.



What I do?




I have been an on set tailor and stylist for 4+ years, for clients including Sears, Kohl’s, and Lands’ End; I’ve been tailoring professionally for about 10 years and was a bridal tailor before working on set. For day rates and availability, email me directly at hellolaurenengelke@gmail.com. I do not do personal alterations.



I love hearing from brands who are doing good and helping the earth! Contact me directly for rates and more information - hellolaurenengelke@gmail.com.