29 Best Sustainable Brands for Baby

I selected brands by asking 3 questions, the first 2 of which you can check right on your clothing’s tag:

  • What are the garments made of?

Natural fibers are both biogradable and healthy for our skin. Natural fibers include: linen, bamboo, cotton, hemp, cupro, tencel/lyocell, modal, viscose, rayon, silk, and wool. I consider organic a plus, but only a requirement when it comes to cotton. Some companies use recycled polyester (almost never for baby clothing), and this is generally considered a sustainable option.

  • Who made the garments?

I look for a commitment to fair/living wages, fair trade, or production in a low risk country: USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Although they aren’t perfect, these countries are considered low risk for workplace abuses.

  • How were the garments made?

This is the fun part. I don’t require anything beyond the first 2 questions, but I love reading about all the innovations that brands are embracing: tesselating patterns that reduce waste, solar powered factories, riding their bikes to work, making garments to order to reduce inventory and waste. Such great ideas!!




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