Windbreakers & Leather Jackets

I love a great upcycle, and soooo many of the jackets I found were made from something else - vintage kimonos, old leather jackets, wool blankets!

As always, the brands I recommend utilize natural, recycled, deadstock, or upcycled fibers (making them sustainable), and pay their workers a fair wage or produce in a low risk region like the USA or EU (ethical). For more info on what I look for, check out Sustainability 101.

** Indicates a company that produces ethically, but may use regular cotton or polyester (I will asterisk even if the polyester or nylon is recycled) in some of their garments. Check the tag for fabric content & decide for yourself!

P.S This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something, I will make a small commission, do a little dance, and quietly thank you for supporting my writing.

Recycled Leather Jackets

Leather lovers, rejoice! These brands all upcycle old leather jackets into new, badass designs, with no additional environmental or animal impact. You literally could not have less of a carbon footprint, unless you were going naked. Better World Fashion even offer lease & buyback options!

Bombers & Windbreakers