PODCAST : Who are We?


Kaitlynn: Hello and welcome to the Sustainable Style podcast, where your hosts Kaitlynn Gee.

Lauren: And Lauren Engelke. We're seasoned professional stylists and while we serve clients with all different needs, lately we've been focusing on minimalist and sustainable style.

Kaitlynn: Today, guess what our topic is?!

Lauren: It's the best ever.

Kaitlynn: It's our favorite one.

Lauren: It's all about us.

Kaitlynn: It's ourselves!!

 Lauren: So there's actually a backstory to this. I got a really nice e-mail this morning from my friend Jacky, the founder of Sticks and Stone the label. They're based in Australia. And they make these really gorgeous wrap dresses in wrap tops from Tencel, which you might have seen if you follow my Instagram. She sent me one in white and I wore it all over the place this summer.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, I was just looking at their website, too, after we had talked about her and I was like, oh, I love that dress so much.


Lauren: It's super cute. And oh, and I think the prices are in Australian. So if you see the prices, just translate them into your own local dollars. Sometimes you see it and you're like, I don't know how much that actually is. But she pointed out that we haven't actually yet introduced ourselves. How did we get here? What do we want out of life? What are our favorite foods?


Kaitlynn: Did she ask about our favorite foods?

Lauren: No, but I thought that she should have because I want to talk about it.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, I'm really hungry, so it would be just like whatever I'm craving at the moment. Anyway, where do we even start?

Lauren: Should we just interview one another?

Kaitlynn: Yes. Wait. Should we start with our favorite minimalist?

Lauren: Yes. Why don't you go first?

Kaitlynn: It's myself.

Lauren: That's so funny, because mine's myself, too.


Kaitlynn: I just feel that's very fitting for this episode. I don't know. Myself because I'm trying really hard, you guys. I have cut back on like so much, not just clothing wise, but like to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I feel like this podcast has really made me like super conscious of everything about like the environment. So I've completely stopped using - well, first of all, this started a while ago, but things like, I stopped using plastic bags whenever I get produce. There's no point. You can just put them all into your regular grocery bag. You don't need to have them all separate in little bags.

Lauren: Yes.

Kaitlynn: And I bought a few more mason jars because I learned that I use those for everything.

Lauren: I love it.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. And I think my main goal for myself is to be braver about going places, even just the and stuff and bringing my own like coffee mug and things like that. Because the reason. I always just get their disposable cups because I'm not even actually know how to go about giving them my cup. It feels weird. And so I just never do. So I'm going to just be brave and get used to it.

Lauren: That's awesome.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. Why are you your minimalist?


Lauren: I think also because I'm trying hard. Over the past couple of years, I've made my closet a lot smaller. I gave up a lot of silly things they brought with me to Wisconsin and had just been sort of dragging around from place to place. But I think I've also gotten a lot more realistic about how I dress day to day, and, you know, how sometimes to buy clothes that we like the idea of, you know, you don't actually wear cocktail dresses every day, so you don't need 15 of them.

Kaitlynn: No.

Lauren: But it would be handy to have some, like, blouses. Yeah, and some comfy pants with pockets, that kind of thing. So I've gotten more conscientious about that. And my personal goals since you brought up bringing your own containers, is that I'm trying to get better about doing short trips around town on my bike instead of taking my car.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Lauren: Yeah, cause sometimes it's like you're just making,  don't know, half a mile trip and it would almost be faster just to go on the bike.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. I've been walking a lot more now that we move to like a more central location we can walk to places which is great. So I only ever walk to the grocery store. And anytime we go out to dinner we really only go somewhere that's within walking distance. And now I like only ever walk at work. If I'm gonna go to lunch, I just walk to lunch. So I feel like, great. Give me points for that too.

Lauren: Yeah, I'll give you tons of points.

Kaitlynn: Thanks, all of 'em. Hey, what are you drinking? Do you have a sustainable cocktail?

Lauren: I don't have a cocktail. I have plenty of fun this weekend and I'm really excited to be drinking water. I did try to make a cup of tea, but I think I broke my teapot. So, yeah, it's a hot water kettle and I went to push the button and it really didn't want to go. And then I forced it down.

Kaitlynn: That's not very sustainable of you.

Lauren: No, it stuck in place, and the light didn't go on, so I just unplugged it and like, hoped for the best. So tea will have to wait for next time.

Kaitlynn: It might need to have like just a rest.

Lauren: Yeah. Like a hard reset.

Kaitlynn: Yes. Sometimes you just need to give it a little nap. I just found that it's not sustainable for me to drink every Tuesday.

Lauren: Mm hmm.

Kaitlynn: So I've got to take a break. My drink is - they said it's good for kids and adults. So it's a Pedialyte drink. It's just like a powdered Pedialyte with extra electrolytes because I was feeling my electrolytes, getting really low today., really nourishing. I needed to pick me up. Well, sometimes my blood sugar in my blood pressure will get kind of low sometimes, and especially the electrolytes will help with that.


Lauren: So KP, we did find I think you and I both realized from listening to the first episode that our voices sound similar even though - which is weird because I feel like we sound different when I listen to you and I hear myself.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, me too.

Lauren: But it might be easier if we each sort of tell our stories one at a time. So yeah. Do you want to go first and sort of tell everyone that the tale of Kaitlynn Paul - I mean Kaitlynn Gee?

Kaitlynn: I want you to go first because then I can just throw myself in afterwards, OK?


Lauren: All right. Because I think we took two very different paths that converged for a pretty long way. So this is Lauren speaking. And I grew up near New York City and I always wanted to work in fashion. I've got pictures that you might have seen on Instagram - As a little kid, I was always making myself clothes out of like plastic bags and paper towels and Kleenex boxes and nothing great - like there was clearly like no signs of genius there.


Lauren: But I was putting Kleenex boxes on my feet and I was walking around the house. And my mom taught me to sew when I was 8 so I could help her make curtains. So I've always been sewing, but I'm also good at math. And my parents steered me towards finance in college and I worked in the theater's costume shop, so that like scratched the creative itch. But when I got out of school, I got a job in finance which sucked in 2010 and barely paid anything.

Kaitlynn: Oh man. Yeah.

Lauren: It was like just above the poverty line, the rate that they started me at. So anyway, my husband and I, or my now husband, then boyfriend and I were looking for jobs in New York and Philly. We were having a ton of fun, but we weren't finding any places to work. So we opened up our search to Madison, Wisconsin. And I almost right away got scouted by a tech company to come be a data analyst. So I visited and I knew it wasn't like my dream job, but it would pay a lot more than I was making. And they were gonna move me. So I was like, I'll do this for two years and then I'm going to be a free woman. And so that was great. So I packed my bags and I moved to Wisconsin in the dead of winter and I did my time and I left.

Lauren: Actually, do you remember that year that it was freakishly warm in March and it was like...

Kaitlynn: I only remember 2013 when it was the coldest of all colds.

Lauren: This was 2012.

Kaitlynn: Okay.

Lauren: Yeah. And it was 80 degrees in March. And so my parents kept texting me like, oh, how's it in Wisconsin? And I was like, I'm wearing shorts and tanning outside, what are you up to? So that was really validating.

Lauren: Anyway, so I left and went back to New York for the summer a couple of years later. And my friend asked if I wanted a job, literally no details. And I was like, sure, why not? I'm not doing anything. And he just gave me an address and told me to wear jeans. Like that's all the details I got. And it turns out we were building props for a Macy's holiday shoot.

Lauren: So we built props for a couple of days. We had a couple of prep days. We shot at - I'm forgetting which studio it was - Milk or something in Chelsea. And then we shot on location in the Hamptons.

Lauren: And it was insane to go from a couple of weeks earlier, I was like grinding it out in an office, like crying by myself. And then three weeks later, I'm in the Hamptons, like spraying fake snow. Oh, my God. Have a lot of this, like, crazy mansion, making just as much money. And I was like, this is amazing. And they had tailors on-set. And I was like, I know how to do that. I can have that job.

Lauren: And so I've got to figure out how to do this in Madison because Tim couldn't leave yet. So I went back to Wisconsin and I tried to figure out how to make that job work. And I started my own tailoring and custom clothing business.

Lauren: And I was putting together a small display of clothes for a local runway show when you walked into my life.

Kaitlynn: Hey, it's me. I came into the story now. Yeah. OK, now I'll pay attention.

Lauren: You were modeling for the local runway show and you came into my studio for a fitting and you gave me what is still the best blueberry muffin I've ever had.


Kaitlynn: Yes. Meg's Daily Grind in Rockford, Illinois, you guys.

Lauren: It's so good. They must use real butter.

Kaitlynn: I think they I think they use extra butter. It's got to be. I don't know what they do, but it's amazing.

Lauren: And like actual fresh blueberries.

Kaitlynn: I love them.


Lauren: So you were modeling in scouting at the time and you told me about the agency. And I still kept doing my own thing for a while, but then eventually signed and took a job with a bridal shop on the side. And I was like tailoring and dressing brides there. And then after a couple months, the agency was keeping me so busy with that on-set tailoring work that I went freelance full time. And so I think that was about the same time that you were transitioning from modeling to styling, and then you were also starting to work in the agency office, like with New Faces.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, I had kind of stopped modeling and then just kind of got thrown into the styling, which I mean, I did kind of while I modeled as a teenager like I would bring obviously you have to bring all of your own clothes and stuff.

Kaitlynn: And there's usually a stylist on-set, but sometimes there's not. So I kind of got interested in it because of that. But I interrupted, keep going.

Lauren: No, that's awesome. I hadn't even thought about it, but it makes total sense. And like having worked with a variety of models, some are so good at styling themselves and some are so tragic.

Kaitlynn: Oh, it can be really, really sad.

Lauren: Yeah, like I'm having so many flashbacks right now.

Kaitlynn: I'm having flashbacks to all of the terrified looks that I would get from the models when I would pick out an outfit of all the stuff I brought. And they're like, but I brought these denim shorts. And I'd be like, I'm not putting you in those. I'm so sorry, but absolutely not.

Lauren: Now put on this shower curtain and this bungee cord around it. Yeah.

Lauren: So I think it was about that time you and I started taking like the same assisting styling jobs with the same Midwestern clients. We were working for all the usuals that people around here familiar with, like Kohl's and Sears and Lands' End and we styled test shoots with a lot of the same photographers. And then a year and a half later, - one of them went bankrupt, Lands End moved their photo operations to New York and only does off fig here. So my work just like slowed down and I start working at the agency on my days off. And so then you and I were like both in the office all the time.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. We kind of just like became two halfs to one person.

Lauren: Yeah. And there's something about that office because we all sat at that one really big table that we ended up having just really intense conversations like I think I'm more bonded to everyone in that office than anywhere I've ever worked.

Kaitlynn: No, it's necessarily that table, I think, because when we had separate desks before you got there, like we still have very intense conversations. I think it's just like the atmosphere.

Kaitlynn: I mean, there was only like six of us at most any given time. And we all have known each other for so long. Like, you know, I got the job there because I had started modeling when I was 15. And so I had known our boss Raquel for over 10 years when I started there. And then, yeah, I mean, it's like a lot of us - basically everybody that has worked there has a background in being booked as talent, too. So we've all kind of crossed paths so many times for so many years.


Lauren: Yeah. And I think because of the nature of the work, that there were a lot of heavy topics that came up then that we had to face and handle. Once in a while, you know, we were faced with eating disorders and would have to, lead a model to get help or other destructive behaviors. So it was definitely something like. It wasn't the light conversations that you would have in a regular office, like we had to face occasionally dark things.


Kaitlynn: Yeah, the entertainment industry - not always entertaining.

Lauren:  you want to make sure everyone's like being safe.

Kaitlynn: But also we did have a ton of fun. because now I'm back to working in a doctor's office and I'll make jokes to my boss about like I hardly ever drink on the job anymore because nobody understands. We had a little bar.

Lauren: Yeah, it was great. And I was really proud of myself when I moved it to the top of the basement landing.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, you did great. That was great on your part.

Lauren:  one of my finest moments, when I moved the bar in the office to the top of the stairs that was behind the door so that the people coming in wouldn't necessarily see it at first.

Lauren: We were very responsible.

Kaitlynn: No, we actually were.

Kaitlynn: But it was super fun. I think that was a good experience for both of us.

Lauren: I would think so, too. Yes. I think that's definitely like how we both got involved in styling and then where at least where the minimalist sustainable aspect came in.


Lauren: For me, I've always thrifted. As a teenager - my parents are very utilitarian, so they were like, you can have clothes from the Gap. And I'd be like, "but I want a Juicy outfit" and they'd be like, "too bad". So I discovered very early on that I could have the things that I wanted if I went to thrift stores, like I could have the brands and the styles that I wanted.

Kaitlynn: Yeah.

Lauren: And then the prices were also friendlier, to, like, a babysitting budget. So that kind of came in there. And then about the time we were working at the agency, some of my friends are getting into minimalism, like a couple here have done the vanlife thing where they sell everything and then trick out a sprinter van and go mountain biking for a couple months.


Lauren: And at the same time, my New York friends were also like trying to fit all their shit into tiny apartments. Basically I think four people mentioned Marie Kondo to me within the space of two months. So I guess as soon as The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up came in, so I read that right away and totally connected with it.

Kaitlynn: Oh, yeah.

Lauren:  I think it's also like sustainability. I think the way that it manifests frequently in the Midwest is through frugality because...

Kaitlynn: Definitely.

Lauren: Yeah. Love saving money. And also in Madison, people love the environment.

Kaitlynn: Mm hmm. And people are a little bit hipper in Madison. So you get a lot more people that can put together cool outfits with thrift store finds and then you're getting the more cool stuff filtering into your thrift stores because they're cooler people.

Lauren: Yes. But I have to say, Wisconsin is this interesting high/low mix in that if you go garage sale-ing or thrifting in the right places, you can actually find really, really good stuff because people aren't picking it clean. Like if you're trying to shop Levi's in New York, you're gonna be paying an arm and a leg.

Kaitlynn: Right.

Lauren: I buy Levi's at the St. Vinny's in Oconomowoc for seven dollars plus like two dollars off on whatever sale Thursday.

Kaitlynn: Oh, for real? That's insane.

Lauren: Yeah. So is there certain things cause it's not on the cutting edge of fashion, you're not gonna be like fighting other fashionistas for those pieces.

Kaitlynn: That's a good point. I never really thought of it like that.


Lauren: Yeah, I always said it was interesting that it didn't seem like everyone was going for the same stuff on the rack. So the vibe is a little bit different in the thrift stores I also think it created an interesting atmosphere for us as stylists since we really only have mall stores and thrift stores. And when I moved here I got really disillusioned with the mall stores because I just felt like the frumpiest stuff was showing up and...

Kaitlynn: Mm hmm.

Lauren: And I couldn't shop it. Half the time, you would go to J. Crew here and they're missing most of the sizes or they'll have like one coat in each color, and if you're not a size 10, you're just like, shit outta luck.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. It's so true.

Lauren: So as a stylist, I felt like I had to get better at pressuring clients for information earlier so that I could order stuff or just be able to source my own stuff from St. Vinny's.


Kaitlynn: Right. Yeah. And in the end, that's the hard part too with working with clients because so much of the behind the scenes stuff, so much of it is finalized, thrown together the day before. So I mean there have been maybe two or three client shoots that I've done where I had two weeks notice so I could order things online. But the remainder of them, it's like I would have to shop, next day delivery. It was just so stressful putting together everything so last minute.

Lauren: That part was brutal.

Kaitlynn: It was. I mean, my first actual when I had to style for a test shoot, that was basically the first time that I was thrown into styling for real, where I was expected to be a lead stylist and we were doing a test shoot. And I think I was responsible for like 24 looks and I had two days notice because the only reason I was doing it is because the stylist that was booked for it was sick. And so basically, I kind of owe everything to Kendra from the agency because she was just kind of like, "I think you could do it. Why don't you do it?" Because, like, it was helping her out a lot, because otherwise what was she going to do? So I had to go shopping. I had a day and a half's notice.


Kaitlynn: I had to buy looks for it. And it wasn't just like, oh, I have to buy 24 looks for, you know, all the same sized girls. It was like I had adult men, adult women and little boys and little girls. So I was like, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. So I had to plan every single outfit. And it was that was like very much being baptized with fire.

Yeah. One of the portfolio shoots?

Yeah. It was for Jae and it was it was really hard. And I was learning like just as I went. Just how important it was to keep everything organized because I had to do all of the returns and I had to keep track of receipts. But I also had to keep track of the designers for every piece, because if it was published at any point, you know, we needed to know where everything came from. So even if it was the model's own clothes, I still had to, like, write down who the designer was. And that was all new to me. And I don't know. It was just a lot. But after that, I was kind of like, yeah, I'll do whatever because I mean, you just make it work no matter what. I think that's my favorite thing about that industry is everything you can kind of just wing it. That's what everybody is doing anyway. Kinda.


Lauren: Yeah, I think so. And those portfolio shoots were such good training. Oh, my God. Yeah, a couple. I think the last one that you and I teamed up on, we did 18 models in three days and each of the models had three looks minimum.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, we did a lot.

Lauren:  and they're all different sizes and ages and.


Kaitlynn:  Yeah. And I just I remember that shoot because that was so funny. Just teaming up with you.

Lauren: It was super fun!

Kaitlynn: It was so fun. I feel like every time we would put something together or we'd have a really cute model we'd be like oh my God, CUUUUUUUTE. Everything would turn into like a high pitched squeal.

Lauren: It was amazing! And that pair of jeans was so good.

Kaitlynn: Oh, esss!

Lauren: So the photographer was like, oh, it's too bad that you guys didn't bring like a pair of gigantic slouchy falling off the hip style jeans that are perfectly distressed.

Lauren: And you and I are looking at each other like, that was not on the brief. And I'm just trying to make a pair of men's jeans fit. And I was like, "This is ridiculous. I'm going across the street to the thrift store." And I like went, I just grabbed something that looked right, I stopped at the hardware store, I got sandpaper and came back and I just distressed them and put them on the next girl. And they were perfect.

Kaitlynn: They were so perfect.

Lauren: It was so fun.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, I think that's one of my favorite things about her [Jae] is so much going on in her head. She has so much vision, that you like can't keep track. She always comes up with the coolest stuff. So because those jeans did end up being like it was too bad we didn't have them.

Lauren: Yes, as soon as we had them, we ended up using them on so many models. And it was just a shame that we couldn't use them on every single model.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. Yeah.

Lauren: So I think that brings us up to about a year and a half ago. And then your husband got into an awesome master's program in San Jose.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. That has been where we are.

Lauren: Yes. So you headed to one coast. Well, you got married and then headed to one coast. And then Tim thought we could try living in New York and he could work remotely. So we headed it to the other coast. And when I got to New York, there were just so many stylists there that I felt like I needed a way to differentiate myself and finally combine these two things. And I was on a shoot for a makeup brand that is known for clean beauty. And we were just using regular clothing. And I left. And, you know, the client was perfectly happy, but I just couldn't help feeling like this is a client that would have loved this service. And, throw it out in the world and see what happens. So that's where I've been ever since.

Kaitlynn: I love it.


Lauren: I do have another question for you, KP.

Kaitlynn: What is it?

Lauren: Where. Where would you like to take your career next? Like and how would you like to see the world change and what does the future hold?


Kaitlynn: Those are a lot of questions all at once. That's OK. I don't even know where I want my career to go because right now, like all of the styling that I'm doing, it's just kind of I'm doing a little bit of personal styling on the side at the moment, but I'm kind of styling wise, focusing all my energy on this with you.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, because my background is in health care. I just did a little hiatus from up opthamology and went to the talent agency and started styling.

Kaitlynn: So it's just hard. Like where I don't know where I'm gonna end up. Like freelancing sounds scary.

Lauren: Mm hmm.

Kaitlynn: Not knowing where your clients are gonna be coming from and especially like where we live right now, it's so expensive. Coming out here, I was like, yeah, I mean, it would be really ideal to be a stylist, but I know that I can fall back on, being an ophthalmic assistant because that's something that is needed everywhere.

Lauren: Yeah.

Kaitlynn: Everywhere people have eyes and places are always looking for something. So that's like where my training is. And then the styling is definitely like passion project.

Lauren: Yeah.

Kaitlynn: So I don't know. I don't know the answer to that question. I don't know where I want my career to go. I don't know what's going to happen.

Lauren: The answer is that our podcast is gonna be super popular and in a year we'll be doing this full time.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, obviously. But what do I want for the world? What was the other question?

Lauren: What do you want for the world and what does the future hold?


Kaitlynn: Yeah. I mean, here's my ultimate goal for especially for the podcast, because I feel like a lot of people that we know are going to listen to it or have already been listening to it. And I would like to just get everybody kind of in the same mindset as I've been in. I've just thinking twice before you buy something willy nilly, because not only does it take a lot of pressure off of you. Like, honestly, there have been a few times where I've gone shopping and I've been trying to decide between two or three things and deciding on how I feel about the fit and then try and decide if I like, actually have a need for them and then I'm like, you know, it's actually easier? Putting them back on the rack and leaving. Yeah. So being like extremely lazy. That's an ideal shopping situation for me. Yeah. So, I mean, I think it would just be nice to have everybody kind of I don't know. Be more mindful of things. I would love to have everybody kind of understand that it's more important to invest in clothing that, you know, procured sustainably and ethically and not worry so much about the amount of things that they have.

Lauren: Yeah.

Kaitlynn: And yeah, I don't know. What do you think?

Lauren: It does all tie together for me. So I think where I like to take my career over the next year or two is I've found after doing on-set styling - on-set styling is great, but you're doing everything for the photo. And I really enjoyed it when I was working with brides and you had to make a person happy. Like they have all these extra requirements. And and I think that's what I like about doing personal styling again now, is that it can't just be good enough for the photo. Like my clients are all different sizes. They're all different shapes. Sometimes their hips are wider than their bust measurement, you know, and they're different by more than a size.


Kaitlynn: Right. And they don't all have like the ideal sample size, you know, measurements for everything, which is arguably kind of easier to work with. Yeah. When you're working on a set.

Lauren: Exactly. Because, you know, we think of models as being beautiful. But the truth about models is that they're are a certain size.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. They hit the jackpot proportion wise.

Lauren: Right. And you're hiring a model because they are the size to fit the clothes. And you know, that is the theory. And so I think working with an individual client who has their own proportions and then also their own needs, like they might need pockets, they might need comfortable shoes, like this stuff can't be too tight. They need to be able to bend their arms. Yeah, that kind of thing. Where a lot of times in a photo, a model's sleeves are pinned so tight they can't actually bend their arms.


Lauren: So I think all those extra challenges are really fun. And then the other thing that I really love about personal styling, which I promise I'm coming to a point, is that I love when how I see someone, when I like someone and I think they're beautiful starts tying in. I'm able to show that person and they're able to see themselves as being beautiful. And sometimes it just takes an outfit or a fresh perspective.

Kaitlynn: Awww that's poetic.

Lauren: So I really want to tie this in with videos. And I think it'll be super fun to be more like a YouTube TV makeover stylist to like in the tradition of the great makeover shows of the early 2000s. But with all feel good.


Kaitlynn: Yeah. Yeah. You kind of have to go Queer Eye style now.

Lauren: Yes. You're already beautiful, let's help you see it.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. I love that. Yeah.

Lauren: And then, you know, share a little bit of sustainable knowledge along the way. So I think you're totally right. And I think showing people that it's not hard to have a sustainable lifestyle, you just try one new thing at a time

Kaitlynn: Honestly, for me, it's just being mindful of it really helps because it's really easy to just not care if you're (1) not even aware of any problems. And (2) that you don't care because you're not like looking into it deeply. Like I feel like it would be nice if it was more normal for people to, kind of just like with animals where the concept of adopt don't shop is such a big thing that so many people are conscious of now. I wish that Adopt Don't Shop was a thing for clothes too, where it's more of the norm.


Lauren: Yeah, I think it's going to get there. I'm certainly going to keep trying to force it down people's throats on my Instagram.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. I love that. I don't have the don't have the best Instagram presence, however, I'll shove it down your throats here.

Lauren: That's fantastic.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. I love it. That was fun talking about myself.

Lauren: Well, thank you guys for joining us. And next time we will be back on real topics, not just talking about ourselves forever and ever. OK. Or we could just do more and more episodes about ourselves. And our dream diaries.

Kaitlynn: Tell me you'll listen.

Lauren: If you enjoyed this episode, we like and subscribe. It's so good for us. It's really helpful. And also leave us a review and tell us about your favorite minimalist. We will read some of them on the air. Until next time, BYYYYEEEEE!