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My friend LK is a professional woman in her early 30’s going through a ton of life changes - she’s just moved from Florida to NJ, she’s starting a new, incredibly demanding job, and she’s dropped several sizes in the process. So we are redesigning her wardrobe, almost from scratch! Also, while she needs clothes to wear now, she might still change size, so we just want enough to get her through summer and fall.

LK has a tailored, classically feminine style with a dash of punk/rock - she has a sharp bob dyed a gorgeous navy and loves hitting up rock shows on the weekend. And I nearly forgot to mention, she is 6’1”. Her best outfits marry all these aspects of her personality - a smart, no-bullshit woman who loves excellent quality, delicate details, and badass guitar solos.

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Color palette:

LK is very pale, with nearly jet black hair before she dyes it navy. LK loves a cool palette of black, gray, navy, and white, with pops of bright blue, purples, some hot pink, and the occasional bright yellow.

Check out my Pinterest board for LK here.

My strategy:

We are going to anchor LK’s style with classic, high quality items - easy dresses, 1-2 pairs of great fitting jeans, 2-3 floaty blouses, and 1-2 cashmere sweaters. We’ll pair them with a blazer and a gorgeous tote for work, and then edgy oxfords and a leather jacket for going out.

We’ll keep the pants and outerwear simple, so they’ll go with everything, and introduce pattern and detail in her tops and dresses. We’ll inject some major personality through her shoes, bags, and carefully selected jewelry, opting for high end variations on rock classics that will be a visual cue that she’s in charge. Obviously, she’s going to need a spectacular recycled leather jacket, preferably one that she can lease, in case she changes size in the future.

I planned enough pieces for a 2 week laundry cycle. All the links below are specific to LK’s preferred colors/necklines:

Working out

  • HOW MANY? Count out the number of leggings, tanks, sports bras, and socks you have & like. You need (n) of each, where (n) = # workouts between laundry days.

  • Leggings - Miakoda leggings are the best leggings I have ever touched, hands down. They're supersoft, wick well, and plain matte black, so you can wear the same pair to run errands, pump iron, or hang out. They are almost $100 each, so in case you need 5 new pairs, I also tagged some tall options from ThredUP.

  • Sports bras - I love Champion sports bras, which I buy secondhand from ThredUP. (Here's $10 off if you haven't shopped ThredUP before.) Yes, they are poly & originally from Target, but they hold the girls up well & are comfy. I like the ones with wide straps and no cups (cups always seem to get messed up in the wash), and I typically just buy black or gray ones so they go with all my workout gear.

  • Workout tanks - I buy secondhand from ThredUP. They carry Nike, Lululemon, etc, for a lot less than retail, and they offer a 14 day return option. I usually buy plain matte black tanks, so I can mix & match them with my casual non-athletic outfits. If you want to add color, however, tanks are probably the best place to do it.

  • Band tees - If you have any band tees that fit pretty snug, they look SO COOL cropped, sleeves cut off, worn as a workout top instead of a tank.

  • Cashmere sweaters - Throwing a cashmere sweater over my gym clothes to do errands or a little work makes me feel like a fucking BOSS. Equipment makes gorgeous cashmere sweaters (they tend to run long and a bit loose), and are typically $80-$100 gently used on ThredUP or Poshmark. Choose a v neck or turtleneck in black or gray for maximum versatility. You do have to hand wash or send them out every 3-4 wears, but I think it's worth it.


  • HOW MANY? We need about 10 outfits for variety/options between laundry. Count what you have & like, to see how much you still need:

  • 3-5 dresses - ThredUP had a pile of options in tall sizes for basic dresses that could be paired with flats & a blazer for meetings, or a leather jacket, stockings, and boots for a dinner out. (More options for all of these pieces on LK’s Pinterest board.)

  • 1-2 pairs jeans - Madewell has a “taller” section for women 6’ and up, and Warp & Weft offers a 32" skinny for a cropped look, and a 35" wide leg for a classic option. For either brand, go to all jeans, and filter by the inseam length you want.

  • 2-3 soft buttondowns/tops - To pair with the dark jeans. :) I found some cute ones on ThredUP!

  • 1 blazer - I found some tall J Crew & Banana options on ThredUP.

  • 1-2 pair flats - Rothy's are washable & made from recycled PET. There are also FABULOUS options on TheRealReal that will make you look like a total baller (I linked a ton of options on Pinterest.). Shoes are also a social cue to the value of your outfit, so they’re definitely something worth budgeting a little more on.

  • 1 amazing bag - I budgeted about $200-$300 for a spectacular bag that LK can carry to work every day and use when she needs a bigger bag for going out. That price range will buy you a lot when you are shopping vintage bags from a retailer like TheRealReal, and it’s worth it. A bag is a cue to the value and taste level of a whole outfit - a cheap looking bag can bring down a nice outfit, and a spectacular bag can really put the polish on even a simple look.

  • Stockings - Maybe 4 pairs to start? Swedish Stockings are fabulous and made from recycled nylon.

  • Regular bras - Let's try 2 to start, since changing size frequently means changing bra size, too. First, measure yourself. Use a tape measure to measure under your boobs - this is your band size. Wearing a supportive, but not padded, bra, measure the widest part of your bust and subtract your band measurement. The difference is your cup size (1"=A, 2"=B, 3"=C, etc). ThirdLove makes great fitting bras using ethical production, and you can search based on your size.

  • Jewelry - Edgy, well made jewelry will add a dash of rock to LK’s chic classic look. I love KatKim’s designs, and most of their jewelry is made to order, with conflict free stones, mostly with recycled metals.

  • Skincare/Makeup - LK is super low maintenance. All she needs is a lightweight BB cream with SPF like Beautycounter’s Dew Skin in Shade 1, and a sheer lipstick that will add polish, like Beautycounter’s Sheer Lipstick in Lily.


  • Bring out the band tees! We’ll pair LK’s collection of band tees with black jeans, or layer them over dresses (just add a knot at the waist!) to create her base layer.

  • We’ll trade out her flats for edgy booties or chunky oxfords.

  • As I mentioned above - shoes are worth spending money on! It doesn’t take an expert to quickly notice when a shoe looks cheap. Save money by opting for secondhand knits, and spend a little more on the right shoe. Also, you don’t need 5 pairs that do the same job - take the time to hunt for the perfect pair, or order a couple with the intention of keeping only 1. Always check the return policy if you do that!!

  • LK loves to play up her eyes for night. A palette like Beautycounter’s Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic will have softer mauve shades for dinners out as well as dramatic silver and dark gray for an edgier look.

  • 1 recycled leather jacket - The piece de resistance!! A black recycled leather jacket will transform even the simplest jeans and a tee look. I love Better World Fashion, which makes leather jackets from old leather jackets, and even offers a lease option, if you want to try out a different style or size in the future.



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