Suit Up: My Fran Fine moment is here

Suits are back with a vengeance! And we’ve expanded far beyond a handful a louche separates in powder blue and pastel pink. The suits of 2019 are going to blow 2018 out of the water.

If last summer’s innocent pastel suits could be equated with our candy colored Limited Too ensembles of middle school, the suits of 2019 are the worldly, quinoa-eating, art-assessing visions of our adult tastes. You’ll see more colors and textures interpreting the lengthened jackets of last year, as well as new silhouettes like cropped jackets and culottes.

A quick aside – on trend items can be controversial when it comes to sustainability. We talk so much about getting 30 wears out of an item, so does that mean that we should never engage in garments that could possibly have an expiration date? I think not. I love a suit because it’s a 3 in one – wear it as a set, wear just the blazer, or wear just the bottoms. If it’s in rotation once a week, that’s 13 wears in single 3-month season, almost halfway to your #30wears goal, and still plenty of life left to live. So feel free to indulge in ethically produced, natural fiber hotness.

Friends, I love the second season of a trend, when everyone leans in and goes wild. Join me in my Fran Fine moment and let’s check out the joyful suits of summer 2019.