34 Best Sustainable Brands for Intimates

Intimates is kind of a weird category when it comes to sustainability. There are a lot of beautiful options, but as a D/DD cup, I find that there aren’t that many options that are truly functional, and almost no functional options that are made from natural materials.

If you are looking for a go-to T shirt bra made from natural materials, go straight to White Rabbit (USA-NYC). White Rabbit currently uses a synthetic cup, but it’s lined in soft bamboo fabric, and it is the only natural fiber, sustainable, ethical bra on the market. I bought this bra myself & it is fantastic - all the lift and shape of a traditional bra, and super soft. It’s also only $60, which is awesome. If you use this link, it gives you a credit for a free pair of undies and it also sends me a free pair of undies. Yay free undies!

On the subject of undies - I’m still searching for organic brief that doesn’t create epic VPL. Boody (Australia) and Organic Basics (Denmark) are heavenly soft, but you definitely need to go with the thong option if you are wearing leggings or even skinny jeans. You also might want to check some other brands here.

As always, the brands I recommend utilize natural, recycled, deadstock, or upcycled fabrics (making them sustainable), and pay their workers a fair wage or produce in a low risk region like the USA or EU (ethical). For more info on what I look for, check out Sustainability 101.

** Indicates a company that produces ethically, but may use regular cotton or polyester (I will asterisk even if the polyester or nylon is recycled) in some of their garments. Check the tag for fabric content & decide for yourself!

P.S This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something, I will make a small commission, do a little dance, and quietly thank you for supporting my writing.

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