Sustainable City Guide to Miami

Sustainable City Guides are quick handbooks to help you have a perfect afternoon or day in cities around the world! A group of talented influencers have all chipped in with their favorite haunts.

Bienvenidos a miami

Miami is a big place, and this is by no means a comprehensive guide! This is just my perfect, sustainable day of shopping and eating. A lot of eating.

Start in Wynwood

Hit up Panther Coffee for a caffiene boost and take a couple quick selfies with the famous Wynwood Walls before visiting Antidote, Miami’s beautiful sustainable boutique. You’ll discover great brands like Where Mountains Meet & Carleen nestled in with Antidote’s unique collabs.

A walk around Wynwood wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Nomad Tribe, for a more casual boho vibe.

If you are ready for an early lunch, stop by Plant Miami, which has vegan and omnivorous options. (There are very few vegan-only restaurants in Miami - most places will provide choices for both meat & plant eaters.)

Next up, we are headed to Miami Beach - so if you are staying in Miami proper, this is a perfect time to drop your purchases off at your Airbnb or hotel and grab your bathing suit!

Miami Beach

Miami may have a huge car culture, but you absolutely do not need one to get around! Ubers are cheap and plentiful, and if you are just going a short way, Citibikes and your feet will get you everywhere you need to go.

Don’t miss What Goes Around Comes Around, a gorgeously edited vintage shop in a quiet nook away from the touristy areas of Miami Beach. You’ll find pristine designer ensembles as well as vintage rock tees and broken-in jeans.

Power up with a green juice next door at Delicious Raw, which is also a great spot to sit for a moment and catch up on your Instagram.

Bike or take a short Uber ride to the beach to take a quick dip before the sun sets, and finish your day with an unforgettable meal at Planta. It’s impossible to choose, but I love the shiitake dumplings, artichoke “crab cakes” and habibi salad! Enjoy your stay in Miami!