Sustainable City Guide to NYC - East Village

Sustainable City Guides are quick handbooks to help you have a perfect afternoon or day in cities around the world! A group of talented influencers have all chipped in with their favorite haunts.

Welcome home!

The East Village immediately feels like home to me - it’s neighborhoody and welcoming, and you are still just a step or subway stop away from anything you could imagine, whether in New York or even in the world (it’s only 35 minutes from LaGuardia in normal traffic). See the full Google map of these recommendations here.

**If you happen to take the subway to Union Square, why not pop into the iconic Strand bookstore on your way to the East Village?

Start your day at Black Seed Bagels on 11th. Yes, I started the NYC - Soho guide the same way, but when the universe hands you a perfectly good excuse to eat a bagel, why not eat the best damn bagel in New York?

A quick aside - if you are secondhand shopping anywhere in NYC, check NYC Vintage Map beforehand! It’s ridiculously comprehensive, beautifully maintained, and an absolute must for any thrift queen or king. Just zoom in on the neighborhood you want to shop, and click on each point for unbiased tips & analysis.

Back to our sustainable shopping day! From Black Seed, cross the street to visit Buffalo Exchange. I’ve found some amazing pieces at this location for almost nothing - a cute yellow slip, on trend block heels, amazing shades - you name it.

I never miss an opportunity to pop into Lori McLean’s beautiful shop. Lori creates and curates delicate fine jewelry inspired by vintage pieces. I absolutely love her work!

Walk over to Eleven to check out vintage designer items. If your dog is well behaved, he or she is welcome to shop with you!

I would be pretty hungry by this point, so here’s a choose your own adventure! I dream about the cauliflower parm at Organic Grill on 7th, or you could hit up Superiority Burger and carry your lunch a block to Tompkins Square Park! I love the dog park, and you’ll see as many people spectating as you will see dog owners. Don’t bring your snack inside the corral, though - the dogs run the show. :)

After lunch, wander through the teeny tiny vintage shops along 9th ave between 1st and 2nd. There are holes-in-wall that cater to everything! Peek inside to see what catches your interest.

Finish up at Meg, a boutique where the clothes are made in your neighborhood! It’s not strictly sustainable materials, so look for natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton, linen, cupro, tencel, and rayon, and you’ll be good to go.

Full disclosure - by this point in time, I’d be ready for another meal! Walk down 2nd Ave and treat yourself to an delicious, extravagant dinner at Double Zero (vegan Italian, don’t miss the cheese plate!) or Bar Verde (spicy cauliflower tacos). If you still have room for dessert, Van Leeuwen is just a couple blocks away and has an entire menu of vegan ice creams to tempt you!

Last - if it happens to be a Monday night, there’s only one place to go - Pink’s on 10th & 1st has the best comedy show you will ever see for free. Correction, the best comedy show that will ever pay you a dollar to stay & watch. Don’t miss it!