90+ Sustainable & Ethical Accessories Brands You Should Check Out

Whether you love leather, are a devoted vegan, or are just dipping your toe in the sustainable space, I’ve found sustainable & ethical accessories options for you. Personally, I can’t pass up an amazing upcycled option, whether that means leather or textile!

If you are a leather lover - check out the recycled leather and secondhand options first. There are some incredible brands using old leather jackets and couches to make chic goods with all the durability and beauty of leather. If you love designers, you will be blown away by the choices at TheRealReal (20% off anything with “REAL”) and What Goes Around Comes Around. WGACA is a spectacular resource for the vintage aficianado.

If you are vegan - I’ve included a number of options made from textiles, Pinatex, upcycled materials, and vegan leather made from recycled PET water bottles. If you are out shopping in the wild, please be mindful to avoid vegan leather that’s simply new plastic. It’s not good for your health or the animals!

As always, the sustainable & ethical accessories brands I recommend utilize natural, recycled, deadstock, or upcycled fibers (making them sustainable), and pay their workers a fair wage or produce in a low risk region like the USA or EU (ethical). For more info on what I look for, check out Sustainability 101.

** Indicates a company that produces ethically, but may use vegan leather made with virgin plastic. When shopping these brands, I recommend checking for content.

P.S This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something, I will make a small commission, do a little dance, and quietly thank you for supporting my writing.


Upcycled - Americas

Upcycled - Europe & UK

Upcycled - Asia Pacific

Recycled PET or Nylon


All of these options are textiles, pinatex, or other alternatives and do not contain leather or leather trims, to the best of my knowledge. Strict vegans may want to double check a company’s website to be sure that there are no animal products

Some companies offer less sustainable plastic-leather options as well as great options like Pinatex and traditional textiles. I’ve tried to give you a lot of good options here so you aren’t tempted to buy a plastic faux leather bag from Matt & Nat. Did I say that out loud? I meant, give Pinatex a go, I think you’ll really like it. ;)

Everyday Go To - Americas

Everyday Go To - Europe & Australia

Polished Aesthetic

Vacay State of Mind


Recycled Leather - Americas

Recycled Leather - Europe, UK, and Asia Pacific

Leather - Tailored Aesthetic - Americas

Leather - Practical - Americas

Leather/Leather Trim/Wool - Vacay Inspired

Leather - Africa

Leather - Europe

Leather - UK