5 EASY Ways to Make Your Laundry More Sustainable


Different sources estimate that 25-80% of the carbon footprint of a piece of clothing comes from AFTER you take it home - how much you wear it, how you wash it, and how you dispose of it! Check out my video and tips below on how to wash your laundry in a sustainable style.


Here are 5 easy ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your clothes, save energy and water, and reduce the wear and tear on your garments!

1. Wear clothes one more time.

2. Wash on cold.

3. Use a natural detergent. Dropps gifted me some samples, and I love their minimal, compostable packaging and plant-based ingredient list.

4. Use a Guppyfriend bag to trap microplastics when washing polyester. (Gifted by Boyish Jeans)

5. Use wool dryer balls instead of single use dryer sheets. This ball was gifted by Dropps, you can also find them at many farmers markets.

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