What makes glasses sustainable? Well, most of these options use acetate and metal. Acetate looks like plastic, but it’s actually made from cellulose from trees, and can eventually break down. All four companies manufacture in low risk regions like Italy and Japan. For more on what I look for in sustainable brands, head over to Sustainability 101.

Sea 2 See’s line is actually made from reclaimed ocean plastic! They leave bins in 36 ports in Spain and France, and fisherman drop in any plastic that their nets pull up. They collect about 1 ton of waste every day.

As far as finding frames that suit your face, I think you really have to try on glasses to know if you’ll like them. Warby Parker offers a free home try on of 4 different frames for prescriptions or sunglasses. For other brands, I would recommend checking their return policy, ordering your two favorites, and planning to keep one.

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