Ah, T shirts. The bread of the wardrobe: perfect on their own, or used as a foundation for an outfit sandwich.

How many tees do you need?

Here's my rule of thumb:

  1. Estimate how many tees you wear in a 2 week laundry cycle.

  2. Subtract how many tees you already have.

If you wear a fresh tee every day, that would be:
14 tees - 6 tees you already have = you need 8 tees.

If you are wearing the tee by itself, any neckline is good. If you are wearing it as an undershirt, I recommend a v neck in white or a similar color to the shirt.

What Brand should You check out? Well, What is your T Shirt personality?

I am a:

  • DESTROYER - If you are always getting paint, spaghetti sauce, or motor oil on your tees, consider For Days. They offer a subscription model, where your first organic cotton tee is $38 (price may change in the future), and whenever you want a new one, you can swap it out for $8. Your old tee will be broken down & recycled into new baby tee shirts! Also - send in your worn out tees for $4 store credit each!

  • BASIC T SHIRT KINDA GUY - If you miss how easy it was to shop at the Gap, check out Kotn's classic colors, great quality, and modern twists.

  • SEA TURTLE LOVER - If you are all about that sea turtle life, Pure Waste (Finland) offers tees that are 60% recycled cotton/40% recycled polyester for a budget friendly 20 euros.

  • SOFTNESS SEEKER - If you value softness above all else, try bamboo. Boody's tees are 95% bamboo for maximum softness.