+ Do I need to organize my closet before working with you?

You can if you want to, but you do not need to. We can do it together, or, if you are overwhelmed, I can take the lead.

+ How do I know which service I need?

Think of my services like a visit to the fashion doctor. A one hour appointment is a full checkup when you haven’t been in for a while- we’ll take a look at the clothes you have, evaluate what is and is not working, style several go-to outfits that will fit your needs, and identify a couple of key items that will elevate your look and make it all work together. I can address any specific pain points you have as well, and we can do a basic closet organize if you need it.

If you’re feeling pretty good about your wardrobe, but you have some questions, then a 30 minute Mini Consult might a better fit!

If you are not into fashion and you hate shopping, the Consult + Personal Shopping package is perfect for you. We’ll have a 45min consultation to determine your needs, and then I’ll take 75 min to shop for the 4-6 pieces that you need. I’ll send you an email with links, down to the exact colors and sizes. All you have to do is click!

+ Should I shop before working with you?

Please don't. We might discover a new way to style some of your pieces, and you might be surprised by how much is already in your wardrobe. You can always shop after. ;)

+ Do you work with men?

Yes, I regularly work with men.

+ Do you work with recent graduates or young adults entering the workforce?

Yes, my styling services are perfect for a recent grad! I can help you make smart choices, plan your wardrobe purchases, and save a lot of money in the long run.

+ What is your signature style?

My style is individuality. I work with you to figure out what style makes you light up and feel like your best self! My clients have all different aesthetics - some embody the minimalist aesthetic, others wear vibrant rompers every day, and others are recovering shopaholics. Everyone is an individual, and I'll help you find the style that works for you.

+ How does personal styling work?

When you purchase a session, I'll send you several questions that will give me a good idea of what your needs are. We'll schedule a time to talk over Skype or Facetime, and then after our conversation, I'll send you an email with notes about what we talked about, and links to any products that I think are a good fit for you.

+ What is a closet review/audit?

This is just where we look through your clothes and figure out whether they are working for you or not. Nothing too wild!

+ Where should I consign?

You can consign with a shop in your area, or you can consign with an online consignment program like ThredUP. Do whatever feels easier to you!

+ Where should I donate?

Typically, I donate to whatever thrift store I drive by the next time I am running errands. Just keep it easy. :)

+ What should I do with my old clothes/shoes/accessories?

You can donate all of them, if it's less stressful for you!

If you feel like some items still have value, and you have the time & patience to sell them, you can sell them via a secondhand site, like Poshmark, eBay, or Depop.

If you feel that your clothes are not nice enough to donate (ripped, stained, etc.), you can give them to a clothing recycler like ForDays, who will break them down and make them into new clothes.