Men’s Clean List 

What’s the easiest way to go about shopping for guys? Here’s what I do:
- Make a list of the moments you have to dress for in a week, like going to work, exercise, going out with friends.
- Estimate how many times you’ll dress for that moment in a 2 week laundry cycle.
- Ex. someone who works 5 days a week will need 10 work outfits, maybe 4-5 going out/hanging out outfits, and 6 workout outfits (if you work out 3x a week). Remember that you can wear some clothes 2-4 times before washing.
- Check your closet to see what you already have.
- Make a list of what you need, the same way you’d shop for groceries. Then shop away!

All the brands I recommend use natural or recycled materials (sustainable) and either guarantee fair wages or manufacture in a low risk region. To see more about what I look for, visit Sustainability 101.




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