BF/BFF Makeover - 60 min

BF/BFF Makeover - 60 min


Do you have an amazing person in your life who maybe isn’t into fashion? But you KNOW they could look and feel amazing in the right outfit? You have come to the right woman.

I have had the great joy of helping several friends find outfits or a capsule of outfits that make them feel confident and ready to take on the world. The first time I helped a friend do this, we picked an outfit he wore on a first date- and now they are married and have a beautiful baby! In no way do I take credit - but I think a great outfit can give you the confidence to take a chance!

In a fun, casual 60 minute session, we will work with your friend to:
- Figure out their wardrobe recipe - the number and type of outfits that will fit their lifestyle & make them feel awesome
- Identify what’s working and what is not working in their wardrobe
- Figure out the 2-3 key items that will make a big difference in their wardrobe. I’ll make specific brand recommendations for each.

This is a lighthearted half hour session that should take place near your friend’s closet, so that we can look at their clothes. You are always welcome to add on another 30 minutes if you want to!

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