New Mama Styling Package - 30 min

New Mama Styling Package - 30 min


Becoming a mama means a lot of change - changing size, changing shape, and maybe even changing career! Whether you are newly pregnant and want to plan for your bump, or you are several months postpartum and figuring out what to wear when you go back to work, the New Mama Styling Package will set you up for success.

Together, we’ll:
- Figure out your individual wardrobe recipe - which outfits work best for you and how many of each you need
- Plan out how your body will change over the next couple of months, and how we can adapt the garments you have to work with that.
- Figure out 2 or 3 key garments that will make a difference in your wardrobe, and I’ll recommend specific brands to get you started.

This is a 30 minute, fun & casual Skype session. I’ll send a couple of questions to you beforehand, so that we can hit the ground running during our session. If you want to stay on for longer than 30 minutes, we can always add that on later!

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