We welcome smart, funny, well-researched, insightful articles between 500-1200 words, with a point of view. Think ManRepeller, but sustainable - we ask the hard questions, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our writers are compensated for their talents.

Topics we'd love to see:

- How to create the look of the moment with sustainable pieces.

- A complex sustainability topic, explained in plain English. Like, “What the heck is GOTS anyway?” You could even write this as an interview, where you explain the topic to someone new to sustainability, maybe your grandma, neighbor, or the person sitting next to you at a bar.

- Interviews with individuals who have a fresh take on sustainability - a seamstress in a factory, a shop owner who has always worked with conventional clothing, a chef trying to reduce waste in their restaurant’s kitchen.

- Well researched, fun, objective comparison of multiple similar products. Find a new, lighthearted way to compare items - if you are trying to find which jeans have the right amount of stretch, try doing squats or karate kicks in each pair; or if you are testing the softness of tee shirts, blindfold a friend and have them rate each tee on a scale from sandpaper to bunny. Get creative. Obvious brand placements and advertorials will not be accepted.

We will respond to submissions within 3 weeks. If we select your article, you may not post it to another site. If we decline, you may use it however you choose. Submissions should be crisp and well-edited - please no first drafts. We may ask for additional edits. Selection is not a guarantee that your article will be published on We can’t wait to read your articles!



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